Tackling Stress 


Some stress is positive.  It can help us achieve in our work.  But high levels of stress over long periods of time has the opposite effect.   Employees can also experience stress from factors external to the work place.  Relationships, money issues, moving house, children, illness and any life-changes can all reduce our ability to perform at our peak.  Knowledge and self-awareness can go a long way to preventing burnout and chronic conditions.



Workshops in your Workplace

East Kent Hypnotherapy provides tailor-made workshops.  The workshops do not use direct hypnotherapy techniques unless requested.  They are designed to provide factual information on the body's real reaction to stress and to teach simple and quick stress-reducing techniques.  This promotes and encourages self-management. The sessions are suitable from 1:1 to larger groups, and can comprise a single unit of approximately 1 hours 15 minutes to a longer series of workshops.  Specific workshops designed for schools are listed below.  

Please email info@eastkenthypnotherapy.co.uk, or call Karen Russell-Graham on 07971 167050


Workshops in Schools

Menu of Options

1.  Introductory Session: Ideal for inset or staff meeting

Consider stress in education (benefits, negative elements, symptoms and long term effects); encourage awareness of work related and personal triggers; learn and practise a selection of short and rapid relaxation and ‘pausing’ techniques; recognise specific peak times in the school year.Finish with a pleasant relaxation session, including positive suggestions for personal goals and future self-maintenance.This session is informative, interactive and relaxing.

Time approx 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Recommended maximum 15.

Can be repeated or made bespoke for different groups (e.g key stage, teaching staff only, management etc).  Cost £65.



"Karen understands the specific demands of school whilst suggesting a variety of solutions in a well-paced and informative session."  Mr S Corfield, Head Teacher.

"This was a great session and it was helpful to learn some relaxation tips."

"A perfect session after a stressful morning."

"The techniques were very helpful."

"Practical ideas... especially the 'pause button'.  Such a positive feel."

"Simple, short techniques that can fit into my day."


2.  Three Session Plan: Taking things more seriously

This short ‘course’ begins with a session similar to the introductory session and then builds further in a flexible way, depending on the aims of the school.For example, taking a particular group through to the next stage promotes a sense of development, where ideas are tried, tested and adapted.Participants are greater equipped to understand their own triggers and stress points, as well as what methods they can use to maintain a healthy and calm balance throughout the school year.The sessions can be during one term, or spread over the school year. Optional assignments can be given.

Each session lasts approx 1 hour and 15 minutes. Recommended maximum 15.  Total cost, £180.


3.  Bespoke package: Whole School Focus

Management may wish to prioritise wellbeing as part of the school ethos, or have specific aims and requirements for target groups (for example, a particular key stage, senior management or new teachers).I can deliver large group sessions (as above); work with selected small groups; work 1:1 with individuals or create a support package to fit your School Plan and reflect progress as it is made.This package is not ‘off the shelf’.It can include a considered review of how the school can reduce or cope with stress points, and promote the importance of wellbeing throughout the whole school.

Options: An hourly rate is charged of £45 (minimum of 10 hours) or £980 for 25 hours to be used over the school year.Please call to discuss.


A nominal charge of £5.00 for schools beyond a 5-mile radius of Canterbury.Click for information on workshops in schools.




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