What is Hypnosis and how does it help?

Our conscious mind is only a tiny part of our whole mind - just the tip of the iceberg. Below the surface is our unconscious (often called the subconscious).

Most of what we are, all of our experiences and knowledge, is stored beneath the surface in our unconscious.

Yet how we think and act and feel can be affected by buried thoughts, memories and experiences.


Sometimes our actions and behaviours become stuck because we have learned to respond in a certain way to the triggers in our environment. For example:

  • Lighting a cigarette when you get in the car
  • Feeling anxious the moment you think of being in a crowd
  • Biting your nails, or other unwanted habits, in certain circumstances
  • Snacking when you watch a film
  • Feeling terror at the sight or thought of a certain animal or thing

Have you ever heard people say that “a part of them” wants to do something, but “a part of them doesn’t”? It can be difficult to change and move forward if these ‘parts’ aren’t working together. For example:

  • Wanting to lose weight but finding it a struggle
  • Unable to make a decision, and not sure why
  • Knowing something is bad for you, but holding on to it anyway
  Hypnosis can help guide you through the maze. It is effective at sorting things out and helping you change – if you are motivated to change.
Imagine your mind being relaxed and absorbed, whilst at the same time in an extremely focused state. Hypnotherapy enables you to communicate with your unconscious mind.
It then becomes possible to be guided to use your inner resources to solve difficulties and find a way forward.
Has an idea or thought ever come to you ‘out of the blue’ when you have been daydreaming? Have you ever driven, and suddenly not been aware of parts of the journey? Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, similar to being absorbed in a book or film, or in the period of time just before you wake or go to sleep. At these times your unconscious mind is at its most receptive, and changes can take place.
At East Kent Hypnotherapy you will receive a creative approach. This is individual for each client and uses methods based on the latest research. You will be listened to in confidence and with empathy. Decide now to take control of your tomorrow.

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